7 Red Flags Of A Bad Woman

The Dark Shadow Of Ourselves

Jayden Young
4 min readApr 6, 2022


From my past failed relationships, I learned a lot. Things made me question what I was thinking. But I had to hold myself accountable for what I did wrong. This is no bashing, complaining, Blaming, etc. It simply signs you need to beware before entering a relationship with someone.

#1 She Just Got Out Of A Relationship

When I was talking with someone in the past, they had just gotten out of a long-term relationship a week prior. So they weren’t fully healed, and the chances are that I was a rebound guy. The fact is, the wounds are still there. Society teaches us to go out and get in another relationship as fast as possible. But we are just collecting more baggage. Those problems she had come into our relationship. The wounds and everything are still very fresh as well. It shows she can’t be by herself because she isn’t comfortable within. This is a huge red flag to watch out for.

#2 She Plays The Victims Mentality

Still Speaking about this same relationship. They told me about their relationship and what had happened. But unfortunately, most of the blame came from being pointed at their partner rather than themselves. She never once said what they did wrong. When you are in those arguments, and the person constantly plays the role of the victim, it’s not a fun place to be. It shows that she couldn’t hold herself accountable for what she did wrong. It will not help the relationship grow; it will only cause resentment.

#3 She’s Manipulative

We all know this trait.

# 4 She Needs Constant Validation

Another person in the past I talked to constantly craved validation. The reality is she was looking for attention. I was just a person who gave her free attention. That period was cut out very short. I would try to plan dates but would just get left on read. When you think you’ve come across an attention seeker, try to arrange dates and if they don’t say anything, move on. True confidence comes within. Craving constant attention, especially from other people, is a huge sign of insecurity. Imagine being in the shoes of someone who has to go through that…



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