Beware Of Exessive Masculine Energy

Heal The Inner Feminine

Jayden Young


Sometimes when you are on your purpose and slaying your dragon, that inner beast becomes excessive.

When this happens, you are very in tune with your masculine energy. You are growing and building your empire as a man. You work hard on your goals every day, Going to the gym, Working on your business, Learning new skills, etc. All of these are very masculine things to do. This is good. It would help if you were working hard on your goals and visions.

However, in the process, sometimes we can become too headstrong on our mission, and we neglect the feminine.

The feminine energy is powerful. It’s emotional, Empathetic, Reflective, etc. As a man, we should always be in touch with many things. Natural transformation in self-improvement comes from the healing of the Feminine energy. It’s about self-reflection, which helps transforms into self-transformation.

In my relationship, I’ve had problems lately being Empathetic, Understanding, and Emotionally connected.

As I finally took the time to reflect on this, I realized it was because I was more in touch with my masculine energy. I was focused on chasing my goals and visions and neglected the other people in my life. In the process, I left my girlfriend feeling emotionally neglected. I was just so focused on school, working out, and creative outlets that I ignored her and many others in my life. I let life and all of its responsibilities take over my life rather than improving my relationships with those closest to me.

In life, what matters most, in the end, is the relationships you have with people who mean the most to you.

Your purpose is something that God had planned for you in your life. It should be one of your biggest priorities. But the relationships with your Family, Partner, and friends will always be the most important. Connection in life is the most powerful feeling you can have with others. When we become too wrapped around our purpose, we close off those who matter to us.

Make time for those who mean the most to you, no matter what your purpose is in life and how busy you are. Work on healing the inner…