How Dopamine Is Ruining The Entire World…

We Are All Lazier Than Ever

Jayden Young
7 min readJul 17, 2022


Many companies worldwide have studied the concept of Dopamine and how it works. They have designed many platforms from knowing about Dopamine and how it affects our brains. Dopamine is a reward system for the brain. When people have Sex, Do Drugs, Play Video Games, Alcohol, Eat Junk Food, and Get lots of likes on Social Media Platforms, our dopamine systems are rewarded. Unfortunately, Dopamine is used very badly and can seriously ruin the world.

How Dopamine Has Destroyed Our Modern Society

When I think about the obesity rates that have happened in the world recently, I think much of that has to do with Dopamine. We are all becoming lazier than ever because of Pleasure, the prominent factor of Dopamine. When I think of people addicted to drugs or sex, it's all because of Dopamine.

The world we live in today is becoming lazier; we have so many things we can access quickly, which is a double edge sword. It's good we have access to so many things today, but it's also the cause of the issues we all have today. Not literally every single issue, but when it comes to things that please us.

It's easy for me to go to McDonald's, Chick Fil, Burger King, etc. Order some deliciously unhealthy food that makes me feel suitable for the moment. These companies have also gone into labs to enhance the food. To make us keep coming back over and over again.

Even when it comes to shopping, we get this rush of exhilaration in our bodies. This is why I believe credit cards are so powerful for many of us to handle. You have this feeling, especially if you have cards up to 10,000 dollars. You can buy so many things in the world. It makes the possibility of squandering money abundant. According to Stieg and Cory, this has even been proven in a study.

"Using credit cards stimulate the brain reward system and an urge for further spending, according to a recent study from MIT that examined the neuroscience of buying things."

"source: "M" T Study: Paying with Credit Cards Activates Your Brain to Create 'Purchase Cravings'or More Spending." "NBC, CNBC, 13 Mar. 2021…



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