How To Be The Worst Version Of Yourself

The Journey Of Lifes Obstacles

Jayden Young
5 min readFeb 17, 2022


Many of us on our life journey have different paths we all take. Some have to take a path of suffering and pain. Nothing in life for any of us is easy because of the hardships we must all face on our journey to enlightenment. The same could be said for a man going by the name of Thomas. Right now, Thomas is at a lower vibration in life. He isn’t living to his true potential, and life for him isn’t getting any easier as he gets older. Here is how to become the worst version of yourself.

You Are Aware Of Yourself But Still Don’t Do Anything.

This is dangerous.

Thomas understands himself very well and knows his current life circumstances. So instead of wanting to make a change for himself, he decides to do nothing about it. He continues to practice the same habits each day without making significant changes in his life. When a person knows himself and his circumstances and still does not do Anything about it, it is a sign of laziness.

He Puts Women On A Huge Pedestal

Man, talk about a sucker for love. Thomas is one of them. It’s good to treat your woman like a queen the woman made for you. For Thomas, this part of his life is the actual downfall. He loves women a lot; while that’s not a bad thing, what is when they become your primary life focus. He is on the hunt for constantly chasing women and being with as many women as possible. He pursues pleasure in his life and only cares about his own needs to gain and does not focus on true love. He’s always trying to get women phone numbers and not focused on leveling up in life. While focusing all of his time on women, he never focused on getting everything in his life in order.

He focuses On Instant Gratification

Even though Thomas loves women and adores them, he is still very selfish. He is a slave to the pleasure of women. He only cares about having sex with women instead of building something with one woman. Because he practices many casual hookups, he is the type of guy. If he wanted to be in a relationship, he would have a hard time. He constantly hooked up with women and because of that, there is a…



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