How To Become A Desirable Man

The Type Of Man Women Can't Resist

Jayden Young


There is a guy I know who goes by the name of Dan. Dan is a man many others admire. He has confidence, Goals, Great Character, and Spiritual. He is the type of man that women can't resist because of his aura of authenticity. Dan is a man of Morals and Integrity.

On the other hand, Albert is not really at all like Dan. He has insecurity, Low Confidence, No Ambition, and No women around his corner. He walks around life with no desire to grow in any way. He walks around with envy of those who have what he desirability wants confidence.

Confidence is the key to all men truly leveling up in their lives.

The men who are not afraid of risk

The men who embrace stepping out of their comfort zone

The men who deep down want to become better

When it comes to gaining confidence, it's all about proving your subconscious belief system wrong. I've said this in the past and will continue to say this, but we replace that with confidence each time we conquer a fear we have. We have this feeling as if we can do it again, again, and again. It's like approaching a girl for the first time. Maybe she says yes, or no; you still face your fears and now have the confidence to go up to more.

Alex Miguel Meyer

You become more confident by going after what you want in life and facing all of your fears and insecurity. This is how you change your belief system as men by working on your insecurity and fears, tapping into changing your beliefs by showing yourself that you can become better. This all stems from your subconscious mind, which knows everything about you. You have to always prove to the boss that you are growing. With this knowledge and truth, you can grow and face everything.

What matters the most is the internal work that comes from this practice. It's not what's on the outside but what's on the inside of yourself. That's what it takes to become more desirable as a man.

Deep internal work within yourself to improve and become a better version of yourself.

This is what Dan did to become the man he is today. Now he sees the rewards of the confidence and strength he worked on. He has a fantastic family, Life, and Career and is More connected with Himself and God.

We all need to work on becoming like Dan.

If you are an Albert right now, it’s okay. But, we all have now to change ourselves for the better and change old bad habits into new great ones. Also, change our entire belief system as well as men.