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Jayden Young
5 min readAug 6, 2022


Real Growth Comes from internal Growth and using that knowledge externally.

When I was playing basketball the other day, I had that voice of doubt while playing.

I Ran Away From Competition My Entire Life

Since I was younger, I have always feared competing in sports. When I played basketball, I would be lost and confused. Even though when I was by myself, I played basketball amazingly. Against really good people, I would freeze, and my mind would become foggy and anxiety raised.

I can remember playing in basketball leagues during practice. I would forget you are plays we had. Just mess up a lot in general. I was scared, and I let that outcome affect my external reality. I remember I wanted to play well severely during games, but I never did. I would beat myself up so much because of it in the process. I was also terrified of what others would think if I messed up.

I remember in gym class, I would play well with my friends and sometimes people I didn't know. However, against the perfect competition, I was nowhere to be found like a turtle in its shell. What if I got destroyed in my mind? I would think. It was all in my mind holding me back with negative beliefs I could never be great.

I remember I was trying out for the basketball team. But, instead of going to the tryouts, I went home. I was afraid of the competition.
I was confident in my first year when I decided to do track. I was with my friends and people who I was very comfortable with. I was so good in middle school I could've been on varsity long jump. However, my confidence was built on my friends and the people around me.

That next year none of my friends weren't there, and I was all alone. I felt out of place and very nervous. I wasn't the same when we were racing or doing the long jump. It was all in my mind. So instead of trying to overcome all of that, I decided to walk away from it all. My insecurities about this began to build.

Anytime I saw good competition come into the gym or anything, I would run away because I was scared. It was all rooted in my confidence and ability. I still feel…



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