The Best Way To Text Women…

She will Naturally Become More Attracted To You

Jayden Young
2 min readApr 14, 2022


Texting was always my worst attribute when it came to talking with women. I would over text and constantly be needy and just waiting for them to respond. I would sit by my phone waiting for a text back. Or hide it somewhere and come back a few minutes later to see if I got a reply. Then, finally, I sit back and laugh at how bad it was.

So many embarrassing text stories I can tell.

The best way to text a woman is about action. What do I mean by that?

You can always text every day and ask how your day was and vice versa. But the best way to text women you are interested in is to set updates. Set up a date as soon as you get the girl's number on some form of communication.

It would be best if you weren't doing this as a mind game or anything. It's literally about keeping yourself busy with work, school, friends, and hobbies. You should have a life doing things that are good for you.

As men, we should be purposeful and action-oriented. We are going after what we want in our lives. It will make her think about you more, not in the wrong way that you're not texting her because you should show interest in her if you do like her. Because as a relationship progresses, you will communicate more. But in the beginning, you should be focused on your purpose in life and always.

By working on your goals and purpose in life, she will naturally be more attracted to you. So you have a life and something going for yourself.

From my own experience, I had no life and nothing going for me, and well, women saw that and didn't want me. But in the end, it's not really about that; it's getting your life together for the right person to come into you your life. Of course, a high-quality woman would want this in a man.

So focus on your mission and just have a growing and building life for yourself. Set updates with women and keep things going. You want to hit on the momentum you, too, are already building. Also, show genuine interest in her just because you may be busy; that’s not an excuse to not text women. Women want to feel desired as well. Focusing on these things will help you create an amazing authentic relationship.



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