You Will Know When A Woman Likes You…

Choose Women Who Want You

Jayden Young
2 min readJul 26, 2022


One of the most simple concepts to understand but hard for many to do is choosing a woman who chooses you. But unfortunately, many men want women who don’t want them.

I remember chasing after a woman who showed initial interest in me but stopped texting and calling me. I continued to pursue the woman for a while, and nothing changed.

What happens many times in these scenarios is that our emotions sometimes love things that are unpredictable and not stable. When this woman even showed some interest in me, I would become infatuated. It gave me a glimpse of hope that things could get better. However, in reality, I was just being used for attention.

I hear so many friends that can tell similar stories about how they meet confident girls. Who doesn’t want them. They spend a while chasing after these girls, who give them no time a day. So many times, we want to provide them with the benefit of the doubt.

“Maybe she’s just busy.”

“Maybe she’s just thinking about what she wants to say.”

“Maybe she’s playing hard to get”

All of this is just simply wasting your time in the end.

These are things that, in the end, amount to nothing.

Our time is our most precious asset. It’s something we can never go back and change. But you have the power of the now to change your reality.

Gaining Self-Love Changes Everything

Once you start loving yourself and respecting yourself, you will understand what it means to be fully complete within yourself.

When you're constantly chasing women who don’t want you, it’s because you don’t value yourself enough.

Relationships, especially in the beginning phase, are about equal effort. Nothing can ever be one-sided.

Once you become content with yourself and work on yourself, you will know when a woman truly likes you.

You Will Know When A Woman Likes You

When a woman truly likes you, she will set up dates, put you in her schedule, and grow it with you.

Women who truly like you will want to put in the effort to make things work with you two.

She will be interested in your conversations, want to know more about you, and be feminine around you. It will be very easy to tell when a woman likes you.

Don’t go after women who will waste your time. Go after a woman you know wants to be with you for who you are.



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